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Babbitt Bearings

babbitt bearings

Odessa Babbitt Bearing Company is dedicated to producing the finest babbitt bearings possible. We strive to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction from the smallest order to the largest. In business since 1963, OBBCO has grown from a two person operation into one of the leading suppliers for aftermarket babbitt metal bearing products. We are continually innovating to ensure we take advantage of the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest quality parts.

Replacement Babbitt Bearings

We maintain one of the largest inventories of replacement babbitt bearings in the world -- an inventory which includes bearings for all major engines and compressors. Our aim is to enable our customers to reduce their own inventories while remaining assured of a prompt, dependable source of supply for all their babbitt metal bearing needs. OBBCO also provides quality bearing reconditioning services. The repair and reconditioning of your babbitt bearings can not only save you economically but also save you the time when compared with buying a new part. Our inventory is simply the final expression of our ingrained dedication to our philosophy of service to our customers.

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